succulent garden design in partial shade with stucco wall

About Sonoma Succulents

Drought Tolerant Landscape Design

Serving Sonoma and Napa Counties

Since 2019, Sonoma Succulents has been studying and designing drought-tolerant gardens in Sonoma County. The succulent side hustle officially became a business in 2022, offering landscape design and xeriscape design services with an emphasis on climate-friendly, drought-tolerant gardens. Serving Sonoma and Napa counties, we balance beauty and biodiversity, alongside water conservation and wildfire defense.

succulent garden design in partial shade with stucco wall
lady slipper euphorbia with aeonium and phormium


Philosophy & Design Style

Creating drought tolerant gardens with succulents requires different skills and steps. Through research and experiments, Sonoma Succulents xeriscape garden design has developed a successful plan for building vibrant succulent gardens in the area. Dig into how the landscape design planning and installation process works at Sonoma Succulents.


Who We Are

The People Behind the Plants

Thousands of people have lost their homes and gardens to wildfires in Northern California in recent years. The founder of Sonoma Succulents also lost 50 trees, altering her property’s ecosystem and exposure. This is the story of how one of the wine industry’s top marketing minds became smitten with succulents and drought tolerant gardens.