Derived from the Greek word xeros, meaning “dry,” xeriscape design (pronounced “zer-is-caping”) is a type of gardening and landscape design philosophy that uses a minimal amount of water. Hardscape materials, such as gravel, are also applied instead of the common combustible, mulch.

Xeriscape design fees are charged by the hour, and I provide an estimated number of hours in the contract. Because of the labyrinth of factors that can occur during a project (out-of-stocks, shipping issues, drainage problems), I do not offer packages or charge a set fee. Landscape design services are based on your needs and could include:

  • Initial Consultation
  • Concept Boards
  • Design Sketches
  • Aerial Plan
  • Site Visits
  • Plant Selection and Plant Ordering
  • Installer Recommendation
  • Install Supervision
  • Irrigation Recommendations
  • Resource Guide for Pests, Frost & Atmospheric Rivers
  • Propagation Instruction

3D Modeling and 2D Plans for xeriscape design landscapes are available for an additional fee.

Depending on your location, a travel fee may be proposed during contract review.

I have relationships with licensed landscape installers who handle all plant installation, irrigation, walkways, hardscape and other materials. Typically, the client pays Sonoma Succulents for design and plants, and the client pays the installation company for labor and installation materials.

eDesign landscape design is also offered for hands-on homeowners who need a consultant and want to do the work themselves

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